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Medic Serve

Medic Serve is a web based Platform desgined to administer healthcare services closest to urban and rural dwellers seeking medical assistance . The users location is used to determine the best healthcare facility for the concerned individuals closest to them and to meets their specific preferences and needs.

Space Explore

Space Explore is a virtual space simulator designed and built for collaborative space systems and mission design, and also to create a real life experience for space enthusiasts in Nigeria and across Africa.


Geoinform is a geospatial awareness and disease pandemic readiness platform developed for public health agencies and other national emergency concerns. It uses Machine Learning algorithms correlated with key meteorological indices such as temperature and humidity.

Quick Serve

Quick Serve is a virtual queuing management system used to reduce physical queues in organisations/businesses with a large customer base. The application was built during the Covid-19 epidemic to deal with the challenges of prolonged wait duration experienced across financial institutions in Nigeria.

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